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Meet the 2018 LAG Confidential staff

#MLSIsBack and so is LAGC

(Clockwise: Mike Gray, Kyle Sennikoff, Chandrima Chatterjee, Jamie Pham, Ilkay Can)

LAG Confidential is back and bigger than ever for 2018! We’ve got a lot of plans in store, but for now we wanted to take a moment to introduce the new and improved staff for this season.

Jamie Pham: New to LAG Confidential, the former tour manager joins us from Total MLS. Also a tech writer for Paste Magazine and a long-suffering Arsenal fan.

Chandrima Chatterjee: A veteran of covering the Galaxy, Chandrima arrives having written for a multitude of outlets including Corner of the Galaxy and Vice Sports. (R.I.P.) Another long suffering Arsenal fan.

Kyle Sennikoff: Our trusty editor can be located @ the LAG Confidential Twitter account on game days.

Ilkay Can: Also known as Berks on Big Soccer, our Harvard-educated player ratings expert knows her stuff.

And then there’s me, Mike! This will be my second year managing LAG Confidential. Normally its easy to spot me with my big curly hair, but I had to chop it off recently...which didn’t seem worth mentioning until I showed up at MLS Media Day and had trouble getting in the building.

Thank you to everyone who’s taken the time to read our articles! We aim to please, and we promise to do our best to keep you both entertained and informed this season.