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Landon Donovan to... Club León?

This is really happening. Or is it?

Real Salt Lake v Los Angeles Galaxy Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

News broke late Friday night that former LA Galaxy man Landon Donovan is reportedly signing for Liga MX side Club León.

This news comes at a bit of a shock to pretty much everyone in the US soccer community.

But on Wednesday, Fox Deportes was reporting that Donovan was coming out of retirement to play for León.

The question is though, is this for real? Or is this all one big joke between Donovan and the President of the club, Jesus Martinez.

One person doesn’t seem to think so, and that’s former Galaxy defender Omar Gonzalez.

In a tweet sent out Friday night, Gonzalez welcomed his former teammate to the league. He also tweeted that he was excited to play against Donovan, as Club Pachuca and León are a big rival in Liga MX.

What do you think of this? Is Donovan going to come out of retirement? Or are he, Omar and the León president going to get the last laugh?