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LA Galaxy vs. Santos Laguna Game II: Player Ratings

Low ratings all around for an LA Galaxy squad that was outclassed and outgunned.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I was sorely tempted to put a rating of 3 for every single player and close up shop.  An embarrassing defensive performance was not a great way to lead into the regular MLS season, or reassure fans that this squad has anything worth paying attention to in 2016.  The Galaxy gave up 18 shots.  This spanking should be a reality check for LA - both in terms of a continuation of the road woes that plagued the squad last season, and a reminder that defense wins championships.

  • Kennedy - 3 Out of position and caught in no man's land on several chances including the second Santos Laguna goal.  Could not corral the chaos on set pieces.
  • Rogers - 3 Once again could not turn in a good cross when he got up the pitch.  Overrun repeatedly for pace and physicality.
  • Romney - 3 Can't blame him.  Shoved into action with the birth of Cole's son, he did what he could.  Unfortunately his side was attacked all night long, and he received no favors from Boateng.
  • Van Damme - 2 Horrible night.  Pulled out of the center to support Romney, wildly out of position, lacked discipline, giveaway machine, and responsible for Santos Laguna goal #3 due to a careless, inexplicable bad pass that led to a set piece on which the opposition scored.  Awol on goal #4.  Should be embarrassed, and should look to redeem himself this weekend.
  • DeLaGarza - 3 Beat on the 2nd set piece goal and tried to hold down the center by himself when Van Damme wandered.  Unfortunately, he's not Superman.
  • de Jong - 3.5 Absent.  Was bypassed as Santos Laguna attacked down the wings all night.  Amazingly, didn't have a single misplaced pass.
  • Gerrard3 Defensive liability.  Caught napping on the second Santos Laguna goal and should have been subbed off way earlier.  Didn't have the gas to go the full 90.  Repeated bad giveaways in midfield and lagging behind plays all night long.
  • Zardes - 3 Giveaway machine.  Passing accuracy a brutal 60%, and only two defensive actions.
  • Boateng - 2.5 No quality in the final third, and no defensive workrate.  His defensive outages were recognized by Santos Laguna as they powered through his side in the first half and put the game out of reach.
  • Keane - 4 Hard to give a rating when the midfield was so overpowered.  Disconnected from play, and not sharp when it did arrive.
  • Dos Santos - 4.5 Slightly better than last week.  Had more energy and movement, a key pass, and a decent shot on goal, but still not enough chance creation, and does not look connected with his teammates.
  • Lletget - 5 Changed the game when he was subbed on because he had more ideas.  If he was fit, he should have started.
  • Magee/Steres - not rated, game over at this point
Individual player ratings are determined using a 10 point scale where 6 is the starting point - similar to the standard set by whoscored (