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Could Jermaine Jones wind up playing for the LA Galaxy?

It’s more complicated than you might think

MLS: Western Conference Championship-Seattle Sounders at Colorado Rapids Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Well check this out.

Last night Jermaine Jones was spotted in Los Angeles, taking in the Laker game courtside with LA Galaxy president Chris Klein and newly minted general manager Peter Vagenas.

At first glance, this look like a slam dunk. The day after the Colorado Rapids were eliminated by the Sounders in the MLS playoffs, the midfielder posted a tweet declaring himself a free agent for next season. It’s no secret Jones has long desired a move to LA: He has a home here, his kids go to school here, he likes it here. And as the above tweet illustrates, the interest is obviously mutual.

However, the situation is more precarious than Jones would have you believe.

Even though Jones’ contract has expired, he technically isn’t a free agent per the MLS rules. Instead, the Rapids have the option to extend Jones’ contract: If the offer is ruled as bonafide and Jones rejects the extension, he ends up in the Re-Entry Draft. If the Rapids do not make Jones an offer, he could be picked up in the Expansion Draft.

Neither option lands Jermaine in LA. The Galaxy are 16th in line for the Re-Entry draft and Jones could easily be selected by Atlanta United or MNUTD. LA’s best chance to capture Jones? A sign-and-trade with the Rapids. The Galaxy organization is friendly with manager and former Arena disciple Pablo Mastroeni and vice-versa, so the idea of everyone sitting down and working out a deal is quite logical.

Let’s see what happens.