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Bruce Arena Rumored for USMNT Coach

After the United States' historic loss against Costa Rica on Tuesday night, Bruce Arena's name has been mentioned by soccer media as a potential replacement for US head coach Jurgen Klinsmann.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports
Post-game Tuesday night:

Earlier today, a longtime US contact told me USSF had lined up Arena in case of another loss. Didn't believe it at time, but now ... hmmm

Arena would accept the in a second. Coached in 2 WCQ cycles. Knows how this works. No time to mold an intl novice.

If Klinsmann is fired, the name most likely to replace him: Bruce Arena.

The USMNT hit a new low tonight, losing 4-0 to Costa Rica in the second game of the Hexagonal.  Per Paul Carr at ESPN, it's the first time the US has received no points from the first two games of the Hex, and it's the worst shutout in world cup qualification since 1957.

It wasn't just the scoreline that was depressing, it was the manner in which the US lost.  Body language poor, no energy, no emotion, and no glimpse of the American never say die attitude.  This team looks like it's quit on their boss, and with the racking up of recent historic lows, Jurgen Klinsmann may have reached the end of US Soccer's rope.

US Soccer President Sunil Gulati hedged his bets in the post-game conference by not indicating a decision either way, nor did he have any truly negative words for Jurgen, but one has to think the hot seat is officially in effect.  World Cup qualification in the region is forgiving, but mistakes can be made like Mexico in 2014 when they had to be bailed out by the US.  As the saying goes, don't count your chickens before they hatch.  Not qualifying for the World Cup would be a huge set back for soccer in the United States, not to mention for MLS.

With the temperature dialed up, sports media pointed to Bruce Arena as Jurgen's potential replacement should Jurgen Klinsmann be fired.  Arena's done this job before, his 2002 team has gone the furthest in a World Cup, and he knows the players involved.  He may even be a short term solution to get the program righted before finding a long term solution.  He's a known entity in a tumultuous time for the USMNT.

What do you think Galaxy fans?  Has the USMNT hit rock bottom and need Bruce to bail them out?  Are you willing to give him up short-term?  Long-term?  Would he call Landon Donovan back to the USMNT if he becomes manager once again?

Arena might be called to the white courtesy phone as early as this week.  On the heels of Gerrard departing, it could be an interesting week in Los Angeles.