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Robbie Rogers' return to soccer featured on MLS Insider TV show

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Robbie Rogers' return to soccer and move to the LA Galaxy was profiled in the premiere episode of MLS Insider on June 21.


LA Galaxy midfielder Robbie Rogers was profiled in the premiere episode of MLS Insider on NBC Sports Network on Friday along with New York Red Bulls midfielder Tim Cahill and the Philadelphia Union supporters' group The Sons of Ben. MLS Insider, as we mentioned before, is just part of the league's MLS+ content and distribution group. You can watch the whole episode online if you missed it last night and didn't DVR the program.

The individual segments of the show, including the best and worst plays so far this season in MLS, are also available online. A behind the scenes look at Rogers' return to soccer is below. Enjoy!

The production value is pretty high here and the whole first episode was well done as far as I'm concerned. What did you think of the Rogers profile? Which other players, supporters' groups, or aspects of MLS would you like to get an in depth look at in future episodes of MLS Insider?