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LA Galaxy to face Real Madrid in Arizona as part of International Champions Cup

The LA Galaxy get to face Real Madrid once again, this time in Arizona as part of the International Champions Cup.

Jasper Juinen

The International Champions Cup will take place between July 27th and August 7th, with the LA Galaxy participating alongside AC Milan, Chelsea, Everton, Inter Milan, Juventus, Real Madrid, and Valencia. The teams will be divided into east and west venues, and the schedule was just tweeted out by Grant Wahl.

The LA Galaxy have matches on July 27 and August 11th. Still, I don't see Bruce Arena treating this different than any other friendly, starters should go no more than 45 minutes.

It hasn't been said if LA are being paid for their participation in the tournament, but as the other sides will all be it's a fairly safe bet. That could make up somewhat for the inconvenience.

Update:The LA Galaxy are holding a joint press conference with the Los Angeles Dodgers tomorrow at Dodger Stadium. Teams are guaranteed three games in the tournament, so the whole story hasn't been revealed yet.