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Why One MLS Cup 2011 Highlight Still Gets Me Choked Up

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This could be me suffering from immediacy syndrome. However, I'd like to think that wasn't the case. The LA Galaxy have won MLS Cups before; two in fact. The 2005 Cup featured a younger Landon Donovan taking on a younger Clint Dempsey, and that's pretty cool.

The way the 2011 MLS Cup goal worked out, with so many saying the DP experiment was a mistake, and then David Beckham flicking it on to Robbie Keane, and Keane keeping the ball under pressure, and flicking it ahead to a streaking Landon Donovan.

I was standing in the auxiliary press box on the roof. I was supposed to be down in the tent behind ACB in the rain, but the good man at The Free Beer Movement took pity on me and shared his spot in the dry. The ball went in, the crowd went louder than I've ever heard before, and I just stood like a statue. So overwhelmed with emotion, but not willing to break press box protocol.

"This must be a pretty cool moment for you," he said.

Indeed, it really was.

I managed to hold my tears until after the final whistle.