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Galaxy vs. Dallas: Noonan Goal Salves Dallas Burn

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The LA Galaxy managed to come from behind in stoppage time, drawing level with FC Dallas 1-1 in a result that fairly reflects what happened in the match. Pat Noonan and Brek Shea were the goal scorers, though the match was probably defined by missed opportunities as much as it was by the makes.

The match was saved for the Galaxy in stoppage time, when Landon Donovan sent a long ball into the box. Dallas was able to knock it down but not clear it, and Adam Cristman stepped up to knock it to Pat Noonan. Noonan scored his first Galaxy goal with a roller into the net.

The key moment in the match came in the 48', when David Beckham played a great ball up to Landon Donovan on the right wing from the middle of the pitch. Jair Benitez took Donovan down in the box resulting in a penalty. Robbie Keane wanted to take it, and Donovan gave his consent.

For those looking for controversy over Robbie Keane taking the penalty kick, it doesn't appear to be there. Bruce Arena said that between Landon Donovan, Robbie Keane, and David Beckham he has an abundance of riches when it comes to penalty kicks. While this was the first time since June 23rd, 2007 that Donovan didn't take a penalty kick he was available for, Donovan was fully on board with the plan.

"No conversation," Donovan said after the match. "I wanted him to take it, to get him going"

Certainly it was an opportunity to get Keane into the flow of things, however the attempt going well wide right certainly didn't help the Galaxy's chances in the match. Also, the team couldn't have known there was another penalty to come just a few minutes later.

David Junior Lopes will largely be blamed for the penalty the Galaxy gave up. He made a bad decision in the box, trying to lay it back for Bill Gaudette but inadvertently leaving Gaudette in no mans land. Gaudette picked up a yellow card on his diving attempt at stopping the play, and Brek Shea took the penalty without much drama.

David Beckham got a yellow card for dissent in stoppage time, when the assistant referee decided to play the advantage on a handball just outside the box. It was that sort of night for both teams, a very evenly and sloppily played match, where they were often left to argue for every advantage.

All in all, a fair result though it came about in an unexpected way. This is the third match in a row that the Galaxy have had to deal with heroics past the 80' mark. It's exciting, but some normalcy and consistency would certainly be nice going forward.