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MLS Primary Transfer Window Closes, David Junior Lopes You're Our Only Hope

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MLS' primary transfer window closed yesterday, meaning rosters will remain stable until June 27th. MLS' season begins outside the FIFA winter transfer window, and with the single entity structure there is some room for creating some unique rules. Teams may still add out of contract players (free agents).

This means that the David Junior Lopes - Paolo Cardozo trade is the temporary solution that the Galaxy hope will get them through to the summer. We'll know more about it's effectiveness after the Galaxy go on the road this weekend. Beating up on Portland late in a match isn't exactly unique these days.

Paolo Cardozo is one of five Uruguayan players in MLS, meaning the trade made the Galaxy a bit less diverse. There are 16 Brazilian players in MLS, and the Galaxy have a quarter of them under contract. Which is sort of neat.

You can check out MLS' entire player origin breakdown on this MLS World Player Map. Of the 540 MLS players under contract, almost 60% were born in the US or Canada. There are 66 countries represented in MLS, making it the most diverse of the five major US sports leagues.

The Galaxy have MLS' only Irish player in Robbie Keane, but there are a few other one offs in MLS. Albania, Algeria, Congo, that World Player Map is a pretty fascinating read, so give it a look.

Addendum: David Beckham's goal on Saturday is up for goal of the week; watch the video below and be sure to vote: