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Stories and features on the latest installment of FIFA's annual soccer football video game.

Compete Dribbling adds layer of realism to FIFA 13

One of the big changes in FIFA 13 is how dribbling is handled. Players now can move the ball laterally as well as horizontally without a special move, and even chose to hold the ball while turning your back on your marker

FIFA 13 Demo Now Available For Download

Today is a very important day, for today is the day that the FIFA 13 Demo is available on XBox, PS3, and PC.

FIFA 13 Career Mode Looking at Transfer For Keane

FIFA 13 promises a revamped manager mode. Whereas in old versions of FIFA, players had a market value and hitting that market value usually resulted in a yes, now clubs have an AI as well as the players.

FIFA 13 Updates First Touch Control Engine

With FIFA 13's First Touch Control, controlling the ball is going to mean dropping the ball in a playable zone. There's going to be a lot more separation between ball and player initially, which should create a much more realistic experience.

FIFA 13 Releases First TV Ad

Last year's FIFA 12 advertising campaign featured soccer superstars taking on stars of other sports, such as a memorable spot where Landon Donovan clowned on Tim Lincecum while they played a game of FIFA.

FIFA 13 Unveils Tottenham 3rd Kit, White Hart Lane

Tottenham Hotspur unveiled their new third kit today using FIFA 13, also showing off footage of White Hart Lane's inclusion in the game.