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FIFA 13 Unveils First Look at Tottenham Third Kit, White Hart Lane

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Will you be picking up FIFA 13 this year? FIFA 13 launches September 28th, a month into many of the European football seasons. NCAA Football and Madden are already out. I'm just saying. Several EPL teams had unveiled new kits through FIFA 13 this year, and while the EA Sports FIFA series continues to photo capture the look of European soccer football; the gameplay seems to remain the same.

Tottenham Hotspur unveiled their new third kit today using FIFA 13, also showing off footage of White Hart Lane's inclusion in the game. Hotspur and EA Sports signed an official three year partnership back in July making the Spurs EA's official video game partner. The new third kit is black and grey, designed by Under Armor.

This is not the first kit that has been unveiled using FIFA 13. Manchester City unveiled their new home kit using FIFA 13 footage. The Ethiad Stadium made it's first EA Sports appearance last year in FIFA 12.

Here's a look at Arsenal's new away kit through FIFA 13 footage. Between the three videos you get a fair sense of what FIFA 13 will be like. It doesn't appear gameplay has changed all that much from the last few years.