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Taking a closer look at San Diego Wave FC 2022 regular season schedule

Matches to look forward to in the debut season.

Jenny Chuang (Courtesy of San Diego Wave FC)

The 2022 NWSL regular season schedules have finally dropped. The annual — and increasingly longer — wait has ended, and we can finally start planning that tailgate menu for the home matches, and booking hotels for away days. While NWSL is still at a size, for now, where every team can play one another twice, fans will get a chance to see each team pay a visit to sunny San Diego. That doesn't mean some matches won't mean a bit more than others, and with an expansion side in San Diego Wave FC almost each time they take the pitch will be historic for one reason or another.

So let’s take a closer look at a few of the matches you should definitely do your best to attend if you can't be at all of them.

  • vs. NY/NJ Gotham FC - 5/7

The second match of the inaugural campaign will mark the first time Wave FC will host a team in regular season action. While it will be at their temporary home — USD’s Torero Stadium — it will still be the first opportunity you have to catch the Wave at home. There’s nothing like a home opener, especially one for an expansion side looking to make noise in the league. If that isn't enough, the opponent is also a fun watch. With players like Margaret “Midge” Purce, Ify Onumonu, and new additions Ashlyn Harris and Kristie Mewis, Gotham FC are a team any fan of the league should see in person if they have the chance.

As mentioned before, each team will visit San Diego, so if you're just looking for a certain team, that’s easy enough. However, if you're looking to hit the road a couple of times this season, this is a match you must attend. The Reign play in Seattle, so it isn't terribly far away in terms of road trips, and the experience is one of the best in the NWSL. Pretty much the standard in the league, the Reign also made Lumen Field their permanent home for 2022. Thousands of fans packing the same home as the Seahawks and Seattle Sounders. The first meeting between these two teams should be electric. A chance to experience an OL Reign match in their house is one of the NWSL bucket-list items, and an opportunity that shouldn't be squandered.

Nothing says 4th of July celebrations like a match against a team from Washington, D.C. I’ll keep this one real short and real simple: These are the defending champions. This will be a chance for the Wave FC squad to test themselves. With the match midway through the season, it will be a great way to get a sense of where the team is at. Also, Trinity Rodman. When Trinity Rodman comes to your town to play soccer, rules state you must be in attendance. Those are the rules.

I mean, come on. Did you honestly think this would end without mentioning this team? The stories write themselves for this match. Rivalry, late-season so it's possible playoffs could be on the line, and it will be the team's first official home match in their new homenew home. This will be the first time Wave take the field at their permanent home, Snapdragon Stadium. The team will only host two regular season matches this season at their new home, and if you had to choose, this would be the one to attend. Plus again, it's a rivalry match, those are always an experience.

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