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LA Galaxy Player Ratings vs. Seattle Sounders

Poor defending on set pieces burned the Galaxy once again.

MLS: LA Galaxy at Seattle Sounders FC Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The LA Galaxy have started the season looking promising in attack. Through the first three games they have moved the ball with aplomb, and generated quite a bit of danger down the flanks. They finally look like they have ideas in the attack, so different than the plodding team fans saw in the back half of 2021. This game against the Seattle Sounders was no different with several chances in and around the box. Chicharito looks like he’s feeling it. (Cabral looks like he’s not).

Raheem Edwards has been a particularly decent find, and has likely unseated Jorge Villafaña from a starting spot. Raheem’s ability to move the ball down the left and not just settle for a cross is glorious, illustrated by his third assist to start the season.

However, after two clean sheets, the Galaxy finally succumbed to defensive errors with Julian Araujo having a miserable first half and Nick DePuy joining him in the second half (Araujo still a contributing factor). The Galaxy continued to look vulnerable on set pieces, a bugaboo that has not been fixed for years. Poor man marking and ball watching are the hallmarks of a Galaxy set piece experience. Coach Greg Vanney mentioned this pre-game, and it proved astute as the Galaxy gave up two goals on set pieces. It’s been an on-going problem, is there no set piece expert that can help?

That said, Julian Araujo needs to put this one in the garbage can and move on.

Player Ratings


  • Chicharito - good run, good finish on the first goal generated by great build-up. Couldn’t get speed on a decent cross in the 35th minute. Had his chances.
  • Rayan Raveloson - great run to generate his first assist of 2022 (thought he was going to shoot!). Generated the foul that led to the second goal. Nearly scored on a bike. His first decent game after two that were the pits. Man of the Match
  • Mark Delgado - has quietly been a steward in midfield. There hasn’t really been anything to write in three games, which is a plus for his role.
  • Douglas Costa - sent in a dangerous cross in the 40th minute that Chicharito just missed. Scored on a deflection from his free kick to start the second half. Served up a cross that DePuy flat out missed in the 57th minute.


  • Raheem Edwards - another lovely through ball led to the first goal. Gave up a dangerous freekick in the 34th minute from right outside the box. Decent cross in the 35th minute that Chicharito sent straight to Frei. Gave up another dangerous freekick in the 87th minute. Offense and defense were a wash in this game.
  • Kévin Cabral - sent in one on one with the keeper but fell down. Sent in a dangerous ball in the 40th minute but Rayan just missed a header. Earned a yellow card for a dive to end the half. Hit the post on a brilliant shot in the 53rd minute. The Galaxy are still waiting for him to break out.
  • Séga Coulibaly - important interception in the 53rd minute. Beat by a header on a dangerous freekick in the second half.
  • Víctor Vázquez - good ball movement, but no end production.
  • Samuel Grandsir - overcooked several passes and crosses.
  • Dejan Joveljić - late sub.


  • Efraín Álvarez - after a great 30 minutes against Charlotte, was virtually non existent this game. Did hit the crossbar on a near identical strike to last week’s in the 79th minute. Don’t go down too easy, kid.
  • Nick DePuy - two important clearances in the 16th minute. Another after Edwards whiffed in the 33rd minute. Earned a yellow card to end the first half. Lost Arreaga on the third Seattle goal.
  • Julian Araujo - left Morris adrift on Seattle’s set piece goal. Important interception in the 41st minute on the penalty spot. Then gave up a penalty near the end of the first half with an unfortunate challenge stepping on Freddy Montero’s foot. Sent in a shot that seemed destined for goal that was deflected. Kept Arreaga onside on the third Seattle goal.
  • Jonathan Bond - near adventures in goalkeeping to start the game, misjudging a ball and ending up in no man’s land with the goal gaping. Did it again in the second half. Didn’t cover himself in glory on any of the goals.

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