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Get your very own ‘This is Our City’ LA Galaxy T-shirt from BreakingT

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LA Galaxy got the win in El Trafico last weekend and in tribute to the 2-1 victory, our friends at BreakingT have a T-shirt to confirm what you knew: LA is Galaxy territory.

The shirt is in the LA Galaxy’s colors, blue with white and yellow accents. A ring around the o in “our” is a nod to the Galaxy’s space theme, and you see the quasar in the team’s crest as the period in the simple, declarative sentence. And to make no mistake, Los Angeles is written at the bottom, the city that the Galaxy represent.

The T-shirt is officially licensed through the MLS Players Association, so the players get a cut of the money from this, no fly by night operation here. Plus, it’s an evergreen shirt — individual players and managers will come and go, but you can wear this on El Trafico gamedays and any other day around town, if you like.