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Cristian Pavón sexual assault case continues in Argentina

He’s not in handcuffs but the case has progressed.

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Prosecutors in Argentina have officially accused Cristian Pavón of sexual assault in the case they are investigating, which effectively means the case has not been dismissed and they will continue to investigate it.

While it’s being reported that Pavón has been “charged” with rape, journalist John Rojas explains the Argentine legal system doesn’t have the same progression for crimes as the American system, so being “imputado” doesn’t mean he’s arrested and charged, but rather he’s essentially formally linked to the case as the suspect.

The player’s legal team have explained this is a good thing, actually, since it will bring him one step closer to eventual exoneration.

However, that remains to be seen. It would seem the best case scenario from the player’s perspective was that the investigation was wrapped up — since it hasn’t been, there has to be some doubt Pavón will be exonerated.

At the moment, it also makes the LA Galaxy’s continued pursuit of the player rather inconspicuous. The club has not released any formal comment on the brewing legal case against Pavón, aside from head coach Greg Vanney’s comments last week on the matter:

“I don’t know the facts of the situation so I don’t have an opinion,” Vanney said. “It’s a situation that, you know, whoever’s involved or as they figure out what went on or what the accusations are, they’ll drive. I don’t have any opinion until I actually know facts and where we’re at. I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things about the young man so I don’t have any opinion on the situation, we’ll see where it goes.”

The longer the legal case goes on, the more “I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things about the young man” sounds remarkably tone deaf. It is, of course, possible that Pavón will not be arrested and tried for rape, but it’s also possible he will be. Are the Galaxy truly prepared to shell out a boatload of cash and stand by him if he’s transferred here and then his criminal case proceeds? In the absence of any formal statements of support or disavowal, this truly feels like the team is playing with fire. We’ll see what happens.

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