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LA Galaxy Player Ratings vs. LAFC

The Galaxy are playing their best team soccer in years.

MLS: Los Angeles FC at LA Galaxy Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Four wins in a row. It’s unbelievable knowing they were left for dead almost a month ago. This particular win in the El Trafico started ugly: the Galaxy midfield was overrun, and their defense beat by through balls and balls over the top. The hot weather didn’t help, and the Galaxy must have had heavy legs from several games in a short time span. But thanks to David Bingham (and some criminally bad finishing from LAFC), the Galaxy survived the first half and LAFC proceeded to self-destruct in the second.

The tides turned after Pavon had a moment of brilliance with a chip goal, and Mark-Anthony Kaye got a red card for a late and reckless challenge on Julian Araujo. The latter was the more important of the two as LAFC’s midfield advantage disappeared, and the Galaxy permanently wrestled control away from the visiting side.

The defense was not good in the first half, which explains the ratings below, but they were bailed out, and a win is a win. That said, 17 shots by LAFC and 7 were on target.

Cristian Pavon and Sebastian Lletget look like they are having fun. The offense is clicking in ways fans haven’t seen for ages, and we expect goals out of this team now. How Chicharito is going to impact the mix we don’t know, but for now, it’s looking like we need a new moniker for the Pavon/Lletget duo. Suggestions welcome.


  • Cristian Pavon - utterly fantastic chip to beat the LAFC goalkeeper and score a goal. Adventures in goalkeeping by Sisniega, but Pavon’s finish was a beauty. Fed Lletget while falling down in the second half for a shot on goal. Heavy legs deadened his shot on goal in the 71st minute. Assist to Lletget off a great “training ground” free kick. Hit the crossbar to end the game. He is a true joy to watch.
  • Sebastian Lletget - great drive through the box to send in a fantastic ball toward Zubak in the 38th minute. Upon review, if he had gone down, that was a penalty. Shot at the keeper in the 66th minute. Scored off a great choreographed free kick. Fed dos Santos for a near goal in the 74th. To cap his night, scored on a bike off a cross from Feltscher. He and Pavon look to be clicking, which is bad news for the rest of the league. Man of the Match
  • David Bingham - really good movement out of the back to prevent an LAFC goal to start the game - got a crucial paw on the ball to prevent a shot. Used his body wisely to prevent a goal by Bradley Wright-Phillips minutes later. Punched away a shot minutes later, then had another great double save against two back to back LAFC shots. Once again stood tall to prevent a shot in the 49th minute. Great night to stand on his head. Would have been man of the match, except Lletget stole that away in the second half.


  • Efrain Alvarez - great pass to Feltscher to start the sequence for Lletget’s second goal.


  • Ethan Zubak - After 30 minutes of one way traffic muffed a fantastic cross that should have given the Galaxy a one goal lead. Did the hard work to hold the ball up.
  • Emiliano Insua - inexplicably stood off his man in the 15th minute leading to a shot. Got the assist on Pavon’s individual effort.
  • Julian Araujo - drove the red card by Kaye, but that was Kaye’s dumb decision all to himself. Not the best passing night for the youngster.
  • Perry Kitchen - Earned his usual yellow card after being blown by in the 22nd minute. Missed a clearance in the 36th minute. Prevented a counter attack goal with a fabulous slide in the 75th, cleared another seconds later. 19 defensive actions. Bad first half, decent second half.
  • Joe Corona - turnover machine in the first half. Critical sliding tackle prevented a goal after a bad back pass from Rolf in the 25th minute. Covered a crap ton of ground.
  • Emil Cuello - late sub.
  • Cameron Dunbar - late sub.


  • Jonathan dos Santos - Fed Pavon for a shot on goal in the box. Just missed a goal on a late run. Whiffed on a corner kick leading to a near LAFC goal. Had only 1 missed pass.
  • Daniel Steres - Bradley Wright-Phillips took Steres and DePuy to the cleaners to start the game. Crucial clearance to the back in the 20th minute. Another good clearance in the 81st. Had the better game of the two center backs today.
  • Nick DePuy - beat by a good run by Wright-Phillips in the 7th minute. Crucial pick to start the second half. Then stood up Wright-Phillips not once but twice. Important clearance in the 64th minute. Lucky to get the ball away after he misplayed a clearance minutes later. Another critical clearance on a cross in the 68th.
  • Rolf Feltscher - caught upfield in the 10th minute leading to a dangerous shot by LAFC. Tried to gift LAFC a goal with a horrible backpass. Sent in a glorious cross in the 32nd minute that Zubak flat out muffed. Nice slide tackle in the 51st minute. I know, I’m just as surprised as you. His distribution boxscore is a sea of misses.

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