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By the way, the LA Galaxy released their new kit

Also, he’s wearing No. 14. That and more news!

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Courtesy of LA Galaxy

It was somewhat overlooked in the hysteria over Chicharito’s signing becoming a done deal on Tuesday, but the Mexican superstar himself also modeled the new LA Galaxy kit in his reveal.

A couple MLS teams have already revealed new kits for the season, but most of the league will be unveiling theirs on Feb. 5 during a Fashion Week event. Well, not the Galaxy! Because Chicharito was sporting it, featuring the three big shoulder stripes as an homage to the 25th season of MLS or some such.

Courtesy of LA Galaxy.

Anyway, whether it’s only teams that kicked off in 1996 who will wear those giant three stripes or everyone, expect most of the kits to look like that team’s version of their regular look, with a color tweak and minus the Galaxy’s trademark sash.

But if you want to buy a Chicharito jersey (as you can clearly see, he’s wearing No. 14, by the way), for now you can only get the secondary jersey. If you haven’t found the link yet it’s here.

More news for your Wednesday:

  • Behind the pursuit of Chicharito: Over at the team website, Adam Serrano details the text Dennis te Kloese sent to the player’s agent this month, apparently setting the scene for his signing. Was it really that simple?
  • Airport advisory: Chicharito flies in Wednesday night to the international terminal at LAX. His flight arrives at 6:50 pm PT. The team has openly released this info, so feel free to head down and welcome the star to his new home.
  • Corner of the Galaxy on Chicharito, Alessandrini: Kevin Baxter was back for the latest Corner of the Galaxy podcast episode, the writer explaining his mostly bad timing for taking a European vacation last week. But he’s back, and he and Josh talk all things Galaxy, much of it surrounding the departure of Romain Alessandrini and the signing of Chicharito. Thought the talk of Alessandrini’s fan favorite status was particularly good, but as always, lots of good tidbits in there.
  • Four more stars: Chicharito spoke at length about the move to’s Calen Carr, and among the many topics discussed was the star claiming he wants four more stars over the crest in his next four seasons with the Galaxy.
  • Can Chicharito be the first bonafide Mexican legend at the Galaxy? On this site, I took a look at the club’s history with Mexican stars, and while it mostly hasn’t been bad, it also hasn’t been as stellar as one might expect. Can Chicharito change that?
  • The post-retirement conundrum: Sure, most of us would love to retire in our 30s, but what do you do with the rest of your life? A good feature in The Athletic here on former Seattle Sounders captain Brad Evans, who a year after walking away from the game is still trying to figure out what’s next. A very interesting read from one of the most perceptive players around.

Today’s question: What do you think of the new kit? Love it, hate it, think it’s blah? Let’s chat in the comments below!