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The Fans’ Round Table: What needs to change for next year to not be a complete disaster?

How do the LA Galaxy make 2018 not like 2017?

MLS: Toronto FC at Los Angeles Galaxy Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday, LAG Confidential published our first in a series of round table discussions. We also asked you, the readers to get involved.

Here is what you, the fan, had to say.

There is a lot of talk about better management from the front office, which we all know is an issue.

There’s also mention of depth. That’s a big concern too.

Is there an identity crisis? Absolutely.

Better scouting in South America? That would probably help, look at what the Portland Timbers and Atlanta United, to name a few, have achieved with players from that continent.

Another one for the better scouting column.

We will have another question for you ready to Friday afternoon! Make sure to get your answers ready.

The LA Galaxy have three matches remaining this season. They will face off against AJ DeLaGarza, Leonardo, and the Houston Dynamo tomorrow night. Kickoff is scheduled for 5:30 PM PST.