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Gifs of the Match: LA Galaxy Houston Dynamo

Missed the Galaxy's last match at home? No problem. Here are some of the best animated moments LA offered against the Houston Dynamo.


Gyasi shows off how great of an asset he'd be on your FIFA team. Look at those #skills.

SAN PENEDO! The Panamanian makes a huge save early on to deny Houston the opening goal.

Have another look. You know you want to.

The king is back. Lebron? Nah. Robbie Keane.

Huge defensive effort from Oscar Sorto to deny Houston an opening goal!

Impressive stuff from the hometown kid during his first MLS start.

UFF!!! Alan Gordon with a huge opportunity to put the Galaxy ahead, but can't get the ball past two Houston defenders.

REDEMPTION! This time Gordo scores a late header that steals a victory for the Galaxy!


Whoops. Oscar Sorto with a hard slide tackle on Dynamo defender David Horst late in the match.

Uh-oh. Red for Oscar. Ya know, Lionel Messi received a red card on his Argentina debut. #JustSayin