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MLS Fantasy Round 7

Even with the Union playing twice this week, Clint Dempsey is a must buy

Cooper Neill

Hey everybody! Lineups are due, so let's get to it!

Below is the schedule for this week.


By now it feels like I've discussed Philadelphia to death, so here's a quick summary.

A) Maurice Edu ($9.2), Vincent Noguiera ($8.5), Amobi Okugo ($9.1): Will play 180 minutes, but all three are expensive, and points are not guaranteed.

B) Sebastian Le Toux ($8.8), Leo Fernandes ($5.4): Potential for lots of points, but playing time is not guaranteed.

C) Andrew Wenger ($6.2), Cristian Maidana ($7.4), Austin Berry ($7.8): Combinations of A and B

As Sean Connery would say, godspeed.

You need Deuce: I'm not 100% convinced Clint Dempsey ($10.3) is an elite fantasy league player just yet (He could use more bonus points), but 32 points in two games speaks for itself. And look at the Sounders' schedule: Away to a struggling Chivas side, followed by three home games and a double week in Round 10.

Be proactive with your transfers! Sometimes a calculated risk can pay off.

This week, I transferred out Robbie Keane ($10.9), who has to travel to Vancouver to play on what he calls "concrete", followed a bye next week, for Andrew Wenger, then used the extra funds to pick up Dempsey. Keep in mind a big reason I can make this trade is because I was prepared for the double week ahead of time.

If you have an extra transfer, I would recommend Lloyd Sam ($6.7) this round. Right now the Red Bulls offense basically revolves around the winger, who's been giving defenders fits so far this season. With New York playing twice next week, at the very least you're setting yourself up for more points in Round 8, and if Sam manages to score a goal or an assist, all of a sudden you look like a genius.

Pick of the week: Clint Dempsey ($10.3) Normally this would go to a Union player, but you should have enough in your starting lineup by now.

Stragetery pick of the week: Andrew Wenger ($6.2)

Good luck!

Team name: ACB Industries

2013 final rank: 23rd overall

Current rank: 148 (Up)