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First Look: LA Galaxy adidas Originals MLS Capsule Collection

The lookbook is out for the adidas Originals MLS Capsule Collection featuring gear for LA Galaxy, Portland Timbers, and Seattle Sounders fans.

The lookbook is out for the adidas Originals MLS Capsule Collection featuring gear for LA Galaxy, Portland Timbers, and Seattle Sounders fans. Omar Gonzalez did the photo shoot for adidas, with downtown LA as the backdrop. With the collection set to hit stores October 5th, go ahead and flip through the gallery to see the different looks offered.

In fashion, a capsule collection is a grouping of a few items (usually from one brand) that won't go out of style. They're interchangeable with a few seasonal pieces, and can become essentials to build a wardrobe from. What we get from the adidas Originals MLS capsule collection are a selection of fan pieces that can be worn throughout the year whenever fan gear is required.

The collection overall uses grey as a base color for mix and match items and then team colors throughout the rest of the look. The cold weather Portland and Seattle get heavy jackets for the rain and snow they're about to face, but LA has a relatively light collection. The Galaxy sweatshirt and shorts are made from a light and active french terry, with the rest of the collection consisting of T-shirts.

One of the driving forces of this collection seems to be taking elements of team branding, simplifying them, and designing everyday wear. The designers at adidas came up with a simplified version of the LA logo consisting of the same shield shape, a quasar in the top left and the sash going across it.

I've always felt that one of the drawbacks of the current Galaxy logo is that it's too busy (two different shades of blue and two different shades of gold on the shield is supposed to give it depth but it just ends up looking complicated) so I'm a fan of this simpler version which highlights which design elements define the Galaxy.

In fashion a designer has to always be mindful of who they are designing for. Who is the client? Where are they going while wearing your collection?

I really like the sweatshirt, with small quasars that read as polka dots. As a whole, the collection is making me think of the Heidi Klum for New Balance line recently featured on an episode of Project Runway. It's weekend wear, for the gym or the grocery store.

Which is why, and I keep coming back to this, I'm a bit sad that the Galaxy collection doesn't feature a jacket. It does rain occasionally during LA winters, and the jacket is really the piece in these types of collections that can go beyond the activewear label. The sweatshirt is nice, but is it something the fashion conscious wife will let her husband wear to a winter outdoor concert?

I love the sash t-shirt, that I can see the client rocking all around town. The color block tee, I know it's on trend but they just scream six year old to me.

All in all a solid collection, but I think it lacks the wow piece when it comes to the Galaxy selection. The whole lookbook can be found here (link).

Updated October 18th