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Four Star Daily: International Champions Tournament

The LA Galaxy have updated us on the condition of several injured players including captain Robbie Keane. There's also the announcement of a summer International Champions Tournament.

Kevork Djansezian

Some morning links to do with that caffe macchiato

  • First of, some updates on the injuries to Todd Dunivant, Robbie Keane, and Jose Villarreal. Dunivant had a left thigh strain that he played through against Monterrey in the home leg, but that took him out of the match in Mexico. Keane's left ankle injury is the same one he's dealt with since World Cup Qualifiers, while Jose Villarreal took a knock on the left shoulder in yesterday's reserve league match. Sean Franklin is also on the mend, but his status wasn't discussed.
  • Also coming out yesterday was the deal of a large friendly competition to take place this summer. Previously the Galaxy have participated in SUM tournament World Football Classic, which was broadcast by ESPN. There's supposed to be an announcement today, but preliminary news has it taking place in several stadiums which Sun Life Stadium in Miami the only one named thus far. Fox is near a deal to broadcast the new friendly tournament.
  • Mostly, things in the sporting world were dampened yesterday by the bombing in Boston. Our thoughts this morning go out to those still in hospital.