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LA Galaxy vs. FC Dallas: Lineup, analysis, and more

Landon Donovan gets his first MLS start of the year as the LA Galaxy take on FC Dallas. It's the second half of a grueling road trip.


The LA Galaxy are trotting out an interesting lineup to take on FC Dallas today at 4:30 pacific broadcast on NBC Sports Network. It's hard to figure which is more surprising, Landon Donovan starting again or rookie Greg Cochrane making his MLS debut.

Todd Dunivant's removal in the match against Monterrey appeared at first glance to be an offensive shift, but it was apparently two birds with one stone as Dunivant is not available for this match in Dallas. Arena described it as tightness, and LA Galaxy Insider was quick to throw up Greg Cochrane as a potential replacement.

football formationsLandon Donovan starts again.

The pairing up front shows us Landon Donovan's fitness is better than Robbie Keane's. That's a bit troubling, as Donovan is going from rejoining the team in late March to going for at least fourty five minutes three days after going ninety against one of the best teams in CONCACAF

As Keane came back from World Cup Qualifying with an injury, it's highly suggested here that Keane came back too soon and tried to play through injury for the sake of the club being in an important series.

Mike Magee starts, as his knock seems to be behind him. Colin Clark is back in the starting lineup, hopefully he'll show himself effective tonight.

LA Galaxy Subs: Rowe, Meyer, Sorto, Garcia, Stephens, Jimenez and Villarreal

FC Dallas XI: Fernandez, Benitez, John, Hedges, Loyd, Michel, Jacobson, Jackson, Ferreira, Cooper, Perez.

FC Dallas bench: Seitz, Castillo, Warshaw, Woodberry, Acosta, Watson, Hassli.