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Clint Dempsey, pair of Honduran defenders led Match Impact Rating in USA vs. Honduras

This is overdue as I was in Hawaii after the USA vs. Honduras match, but here is the Match Impact Rating (see this article for more info on MIR) analysis of the U.S.' first outing in the Hex.

Clint Dempsey scored the first goal of the match for the U.S. in the 36th minute on what turned out to be his only shot on goal in the match out of four attempts. Dempsey also drew two fouls and had an MIR of 56.75. His goal was a wonderstrike if you missed it:

However, Dempsey was outdone by a pair of Honduran defenders in offensive Match Impact Rating. Juan Carlos Garcia (goal) and Maynor Figueroa (two assists) both could have been up for Man of the Match due to their offensive impact. In addition to his goal, Garcia also drew four fouls while only committing one on his way to an MIR of 95.25. Figueroa had one foul suffered to go along with his assists and compiled an MIR of 70. Jermaine Jones, who had the only assist on the day for the U.S., turned in a 52.38 MIR.

There were 20 players who had enough minutes to earn an MIR for the match and five of the Top 8 belonged to the Honduran side, including having three of their five defenders in the Top 8. Despite the U.S. having 7 corners to 4 for Honduras, the home side made the most of those chances, including an anything but ordinary goal from defender Juan Garcia:

Here are the Top 3 performers in MIR for both sides (min. 45 mins played):

United States

Clint Dempsey, 56.75 (goal, 4 shots, 1 shot on goal, 2 fouls drawn)

Jermaine Jones, 52.38 (assist, 1 foul drawn, 4 fouls committed)

Eddie Johnson, 45.76 (shot, 3 fouls drawn)


Juan Carlos Garcia, 95.25 (goal, 1 shot, 1 shot on goal, 4 fouls drawn, 1 foul committed)

Maynor Figueroa, 70 (2 assists, 1 shot, 1 foul drawn)

Jerry Bengtson, 54.32 (goal, 2 shots, 1 shot on goal, 1 foul drawn, 2 fouls committed, 2 offside)

Defensive MIR

The defense of Honduras had a total of one goal, three assists, 2 shots, 1 shot on goal, 5 fouls drawn, 5 fouls committed and one offside in the match and had an average MIR of 54.75.

The backline for the U.S. combined for 1 shot, 2 fouls drawn and 2 fouls committed in the match and had an average MIR of 4.88. Omar Gonazlez of the LA Galaxy led the U.S. defense with an MIR of 10. He had one shot and one foul drawn during the match.

Least Impact

Both defenses had a defender in the red. Arnold Peralta for Honduras and Timothy Chandler for the U.S. had MIRs of -1 and -.25, respectively. Forward Jozy Altidore was the low man in the match for the U.S. with a dreadful MIR of -.75. In his 90 minutes of action, he took one shot which was off-target and committed three fouls.