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LA Galaxy draw with in San Jose with playoff seeding on the line

The LA Galaxy finished deadlocked in a 2-2 draw with the San Jose Earthquakes tonight, after 90 feisty minutes and a fair amount of controversy. The Galaxy were the aggressors, scoring the opening and go ahead goal, but San Jose were able to equalize every time. As of now, the Galaxy are two points behind the Sounders, who are in action against FC Dallas. David Beckham and Landon Donovan were both absent from the trip.

The match went into halftime 0-0, with the Galaxy dominating possession but unable to finish their chances. They also got lucky on a stuff the box sequence in the second half with Mike Magee able to make the final save. Finally the Galaxy were able to push through just before the sixtieth minute.

Edson Buddle was the one to send the ball into the box from the wing, but it fell in the box unpossessed. Keane was able to slide into the loose ball, knocking it into the back of the net in the 59'. Buddle was able to pick up a point later in the match, after Marvin Chavez equalized for San Jose.

Buddle's goal was fairly straightforward, he simply got up higher than anyone else on a cross into the box. Sean Franklin sent in the cross from the wing, and Buddle got up higher than either of his markers for the headed goal in the 69'. The back and forth would continue as Chris Wodolowski equalized five minutes later.

Time Warner's feed cut out, but people watching on Galavision saw Chris Wondolowski knock in a corner kick free ball with his head to notch the match at 2-2. That's where it would end, but not without a fair amount of controversy.

Edson Buddle was getting into shoving matches all match, at least once with some legitimacy. He was getting knocked around quite a bit without getting the foul called by referee Jair Maruffo, whom you might remember was suspended by MLS in 2009 for poor performance.

Off the pitch and into the stands, the entirety of the AC Brigade section was removed from the stadium, with varying reports on arrests and the use of tear gas. More on this story as information comes in.

Galaxy fans now have to hope that the Sounders don't get all three points from FC Dallas. Should that happen, the Galaxy would be locked into fourth place and would have to play in the play in game for the MLS quarterfinals. Their reward should they win the play in would be to face San Jose twice.