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Three Star Daily, Jan 21st - More About Beckham, Frank Lampard

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Can't go wrong with more David Beckham, now with 300% more Frank Lampard. Do I think the Galaxy could get MLS to extend the DP rule? Absolutely. I dream of a future where MLS will no longer place a cap on the number of DPs, simply insist that DPs are given contracts based on past revenue, not on projected futures. Nothing worse than teams folding because they bought too many expensive players. But MLS teams haven't got out universal and loaded up on DPs, as the rule stands now it's only preventing the Galaxy from becoming a superclub.

MLS could use one superclub. Just one. Just one little superclub.

Beckham, Galaxy confirm interest in Frank Lampard
LOS ANGELES -- David Beckham said it was possible English Premier League star Frank Lampard could be lining up alongside him in a Los Angeles Galaxy jersey in the future.

MLS Champions want Mr. Chelsea | Premiership Talk via

Los Angeles Galaxy focus on becoming a super team - ESPN Los Angeles

Galaxy no longer trying to change the world, but instead make the world notice.