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G of the Week: Efraín Álvarez

Weekly column celebrating the sauce in life.

MLS: LA Galaxy at Charlotte FC Nell Redmond-USA TODAY Sports

Nothing hits harder than starting off a new season with two straight clean sheet wins. To celebrate the new season, we have a new column for you all! This is ‘G of the Week’ where we raise a glass — or three — to players who don't just put in a MOTM performance, but do so with flair. Players who represent the LA Galaxy’s long line of talented superstars and desire to put on a show. Maybe it’s the souls a player snatches and how they do it. Perhaps a goalkeeper has one of those days where they’ve grown eight arms and reject every attempt. Or maybe, it's a young superstar in the making who comes off the bench and launches a game-winning goal from deep that curls its way into the top corner. Maybe.

The inaugural G of the week has to go to 19-year-old midfielder Efraín Álvarez. It wasn't enough to come off the bench last week and provide a spark that ignited the whole team and helped push them to a 1-0 win at home. He then had to come off the bench play spoiler to expansion side Charlotte FC, who were enjoying a nice home opener with an MLS record 74,479 fans just looking to watch their side come away with the result. Instead, they were treated to what might be a strong contender for goal of the season, from their opposition.

For the second straight week the young midfielder come into the match around the 70th minute mark, and for the second week, he proceeded to make his presence felt. He boasts a passing percentage of over 86%, with three key passes in attack, as well as a stunning goal in just 42 minutes of game action. It only took him six minutes before finding the back of the net for the team's lone goal against Charlotte. His efforts also landed him a spot on the MLS Team of the Week.

“I saw an opportunity and I took it. It was a golazo, I even shocked myself. It’s not easy, nothing in soccer is easy,” said Álvarez about the goal.

What made the moment even colder was the celebration after. Holding a finger to his lips, encouraging the record-breaking 74k plus in attendance to just sit in silence, and appreciate the greatness they had just witnessed. It was a big moment on an even bigger stage.

For the team as a whole, the moment meant three points. A full six points after two matches, both hard-fought grinds that would've likely resulted in dropped points last season. While the season has only just begun, it’s great to see this squad find ways to win instead of trying to settle for draws. It’s even better watching players like Efraín start to find confidence in themselves, giving us moments like the one on Saturday. Here’s to plenty more G moments like that.

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