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LA Galaxy duo up for MLS year-end awards

Jonathan Bond and Rayan Raveloson candidates for MLS Goal of the Year, and MLS Save of the year

Colorado Rapids v Los Angeles Galaxy Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

It’s the most wonderful time, of the year! No, not Christmas music season, though, we are there too. No, I'm talking about MLS end-of-year awards season. The time of year where voting is opened for everyone to vote for their favorite player vote on the year’s best moments in the MLS.

Despite enduring another decision day heartbreak, LA Galaxy can take some solace in knowing they had to of the more draw dropping moments this season, and they are being recognized for that. Jonathan Bond has come up with a highlight save more than a few dozen times this season, but one of the most impressive efforts came against San Jose Earthquakes. A corner kick saw not one, but two shots on goal from close range, both denied by Bond, Jonathan Bond. Sorry.

MLS Goal of the Year nominee, is none other than Rayan Raveloson. The 24-year-old showed everyone how to convert a corner in the most incredible, wide-eyed way possible. After a few bounces in the box, Rayan seized his opportunity and pulled off a bicycle kick that not only left us all stunned, but gave his team the lead, which eventually led to the win over the Portland Timbers.

You can vote right now over at Make sure these incredible moments don't miss out on being immortalized as some of the best the league has given us.

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