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LA Galaxy vs. Seattle Sounders: 3 Questions

Our friends at Sounder at Heart have the hookup on Sunday’s opponent.

MLS: Columbus Crew SC at Seattle Sounders FC
Not too much to worry about in the fixture pileup sense so far for Brian Schmetzer.
Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

The LA Galaxy are scheduled to host the Seattle Sounders Sunday in MLS regular season action, and ahead of the clash, I spoke again with Mark Kastner of SB Nation’s Sounders site Sounder at Heart to get the lowdown on the opposition. Many thanks to Mark for taking the time to answer my questions!

LAG Confidential asks Sounder at Heart:

1. The Sounders seem like they’re doing pretty well, but they’re coming off a loss. How have things gone the last month, generally speaking?

Losing to Portland always sucks. I’ll never get used to it, but I suppose this particular loss hurts the least, if that makes sense. Portland scored on a counte attack and Seattle spent the rest of the game creating decent chances, the ball just didn’t go into the net. Which is the point of the game, I know.

Other than that specific game, Seattle’s been flying. The attack has been flying and it seems like the defense has cured some of their issues.

2. What component of Seattle’s team seems to be the most worrisome at the moment, and why?

I’ve written previously about how I’m still not confident that Xavier Arreaga is a starting CB in MLS, but he’s put in some solid performances and I expect him to start against the Galaxy. Perhaps it’s recency bias, but it doesn’t seem like Seattle really has the tools to break down a bunker. The Timbers were able to score early and sit really, really deep against the Sounders on Wednesday.

In the offseason they moved on from Victor Rodriguez and Harry Shipp retired suddenly right before the Orlando tournament. Those were the two guys who the Sounders could use to unpick the lock, so to speak. I’m not overly concerned about this issue, because I think it’s true for every team in MLS, but it is slightly annoying.

3. I’ve mentioned some general fatigue cropping up on the Galaxy. Does this seem to be an issue for the Sounders? Is Brian Schmetzer going with the same lineup game to game or is there more deliberate rotation?

The Sounders have actually had a fairly kind schedule during this run of games. The matches have been spaced out enough to where Schmetzer has been able to change just one or two positions. Brian talks a lot about wanting to control the tempo of the games they play, and that probably helps control their energy levels. I don’t think fatigue has been an issue just yet for the Sounders. That could change in this Phase 2.5/3/4/17 or whatever it is we’re calling the rest of the schedule.

You can read my answers to Mark’s questions over at Sounder at Heart.

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