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Te Kloese admits it was “impossible to replace” Zlatan Ibrahimovic on LA Galaxy

Also acknowledges new style needed for Chicharito.

MLS: MLS Cup Conference Semifinals-LA Galaxy at Los Angeles FC Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

We all know the transition from Zlatan Ibrahimovic to Chicharito at the LA Galaxy has been rocky through two games. With LA left to cool their heels along with the rest of the world due to coronavirus, there’s little to do except discuss the process.

Dennis te Kloese spoke about both superstars recently. He admitted “We knew it was going to be impossible replacing Ibrahimovic so our focus turned to bring someone that can help us change the way we play and Chicharito is that player for us,” as recounted by AS.

And in a separate story, Te Kloese admits the style needs to change to get the most out of Chicharito with his new team: “The team must find a way how Javier can be dangerous for the team, which we all know is near the rival’s area is where he plays best and where he can get the best results,” also recounted by AS.

The good news is DtK knows what the issue is with the Galaxy attack. Will that trickle through the rest of the staff and squad? Stay tuned.

More news for Tuesday:

  • Orlando City fans got unusual discount: Pro Soccer USA reported that Pizza Hut has a promotion that Orlando City fans can get 50% off online orders the day after wins, and they honored that deal on Monday after the Lions showed a replay of Orlando’s 4-0 win over the Galaxy back in 2015. Hey listen, times have been hard for Orlando, let them have this.
  • Galaxy doing well in xGA: Through two games there’s a couple narratives about the Galaxy’s season — attack awful, defense surprising decent — and this story from, on expected goals against through two weeks, fits that narrative. Yes, it’s a tiny sample size, practically too small to hold any real meaning, but LA are in the top 10! Gotta start somewhere.
  • Rewatch Beckham’s New York debut: One of the random regular-season games in MLS history that is always brought up for being good and memorable and stuff is David Beckham’s debut against the New York Red Bulls out east in 2007. You can rewatch below and read more about the game on
  • Corner of the Galaxy episode: It came out a few days ago, but there’s a new episode of Corner of the Galaxy, as Josh and Eric record while apart and pass the time. Since there’s been no games, it’s still remarkably fresh!

Today’s question: Is this coronavirus delay going to be a blessing in disguise for the Galaxy as they reset a bit, or will it not make much difference, since all teams are in the same boat, and so soon after the start of the season? Let’s chat in the comments below!