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Watch: Corner of the Galaxy’s 700th podcast

Live show features special guests DtK, Mike Magee, Dave Romney and Todd Dunivant

For as long as we can remember here at LAG Confidential, Corner of the Galaxy has popped up twice a week to talk all things LA Galaxy. Led by Josh Guesman and featuring an intriguing panel of expert co-hosts, CoG has held up over the years as the Galaxy podcast and only continues to get better.

To celebrate episode number 700, Josh and co-host Eric Vieira are decked out in their finest attire while the studio is decorated in blue white and gold. CoG also went all out on the guests: Dennis te Kloese, Mike Magee, Dave Romney and Todd Dunivant make special appearances. Have a watch, and be sure to check out the podcast on Thursday nights live at 7 p.m.

And we shouldn’t have to say it, but the only reason we’ve made it through 700 shows is that you listen, you care, and you make us strive to get better every single show.

Enjoy 700. Because next year we’re going to step it up for 800!

Thanks – Josh + the CoG Team

Music Provided by Back Pocket Memory