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Here’s how you can help save Temecula FC

Support Local Soccer, emergency edition

Temecula FC

Temecula FC have fallen on hard times.

The Riverside based club who ply their trade in the fourth-division (and the same conference as LA’s Open Cup opponents Orange County FC) are in danger of shutting down after six years of operations.

As owner Brandon Jantz explained on the Corner of the Galaxy podcast, the NPSL is the ideal destination for amateur teams, however a series of factors ranging from venue issues to political quarreling with youth clubs have made life difficult for the Quails. Poor weather precipitating a dip in attendance was ultimately the tipping point.

With the club financially on the ropes, Temecula FC have gone public with the news. A social media campaign to sell as many tickets as possible to their final match is beginning to pick up steam with LA Galaxy fans and across the soccer Twittersphere.

Here’s how you can help: Visit and purchase tickets to the June 22nd match vs. FC Golden State. Or click the link HERE. Tickets are dirt cheap at $10.

You can afford them.