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Diego Polenta to wear the No. 3 shirt

Big shoes to fill

Officially signed by the LA Galaxy this morning, Uruguayan defender Diego Polenta will don the No. 3 shirt famously worn by the great Ashley Cole during his three year journey with the club.

After captaining LA during a turbulent but memorable 2018 campaign, the 38-year old was in a difficult position: Despite originally vowing to be done with the game, the English left back clearly wanted to continue. The issue? After netting well over 700K last season, the club was unable to offer Cole a competitive salary this year.

Truth be told Ashley may have ultimately been persuaded to stay in Los Angeles, but the offer to finish his career in England playing for his friend and Chelsea teammate Frank Lampard at Derby County was always going to be too good to pass up.

Here’s to hoping Polenta can have a similar impact. (Also, pour one out for the Cole Miners)