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You are Romain Alessandrini

MLS: Los Angeles Galaxy at Los Angeles FC Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

You are the technically gifted, pristinely groomed LA Galaxy winger Romain Alessandrini.

It’s the 82nd minute of a frustrating evening at Le Banc; your beloved team is losing to LAFC by a pair of goals and not much time is remaining. Body exhausted, legs heavy, mind cloudy, even your beard hurts. You’ve run, cut and gestured your tail off all game without reward and now you’re patiently waiting for one more opportunity...wait, Zlatan just popped the ball away from the defender and is barreling towards the endline...

It’s business time! Do I...

A. Crash the near post
B. Stay back post

Everyone’s focused on Zlatan so I will how you say, chill out on the back post. Luckily Gio is making the run.

Ibra crosses the ball and it’s heading in my direction! This is my opportunity! But it’s a tricky pass, whipped in with pace on the half-volley. Gio’s to my right and an off-balance Steven Beitashour is a few feet away.

I can maneuver around Beitashour to get on my strong foot, play Gio or take a touch away from pressure.

A. Go around Beitashour
B. Pass to Gio
C. Take a touch

Don’t think I can skip around Beitashour and get off a clean shot. Pass to Gio? Nuts to that, he’s been off tonight.

Curses! Took a long touch off my chest. Now the defender is breathing down my neck. I’ve got just one chance. Use my weaker right foot to strike a low cannon in the reverse direction of the keeper! I just have to hope I can blast it past Ciman!

A surge of adrenaline hits me. C’mon Romain, your country just won the World Cup! You can do this! You’re f***ing French, we never surrender!

High-five to my teammate for an excellent pass! Take that you black and gold traitors! Vive la Galaxy!