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LA Galaxy vs. FC Dallas Player Ratings

Defensive reinforcements are needed. Stat.

MLS: Los Angeles Galaxy at FC Dallas Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Even with a man advantage for 20 minutes the Galaxy couldn’t claw themselves back into this game against FC Dallas. Once again, lapses in the back put them on their heels, and though they had a couple of nice moments offensively, it wasn’t enough to overturn a three goal deficit.

Perry Kitchen still doesn’t look good in the middle (and the Galaxy improved with his removal), the Dos Santos brothers continue to be plagued by injuries, and the defense still has a passing resemblance with swiss cheese. In particular right back, where the Galaxy got burned once again with Daniel Steres applying a band aid, but still a holey one.

The Galaxy need defensive reinforcements in the summer. Badly.

Player Ratings


· Zlatan Ibrahimovic – gorgeous pass to Kamara that should have been one-timed. Missed by his teammates twice after shaking off the FC Dallas defense. (He made sure they knew it!) Had a dangerous turnover in the first half, but was bailed out by his defense. Hit the crossbar off a freekick right at the end of the game. Though he railed on teammates, his own passing in the final 18 could have been better.

· Ola Kamara – good movement, but overshot Zlatan after a lovely pass in the 14th minute. Good tracking back to save a goal in the first half. Nice pass on a counter to Alessandrini to start the second half – which resulted in the corner that earned him the headed goal. Missed a wide open net and what should have been the tying goal at the death by striking the ball directly at the Dallas goalkeeper. Wasn’t his best game passing wise, but will give him the benefit of his movement.

· Romain Alessandrini – overcooked his passes the entire first half and just missed Ibrahimovic on a cross. Lovely curling shot off his left foot forced a FC Dallas save. Had the assist to Kamara off a corner to start the second half, then hit the post seconds later. Caused two fouls on Ziegler to force a red card on the FC Dallas defender. Not sure what adjustment he made at halftime, but he should repeat it, he was a man possessed in the second half! Ended the game with 4 key passes and an assist.


· Jonathan Dos Santos – terrible injury after doing Kitchen’s job and his own. The Galaxy can’t afford to lose him for a long period.

· Chris Pontius – blocked shot after decent forward interplay in the 10th minute. His giveaway led to Urruti’s goal in the first half. Nice pullback in the second half that managed to miss everyone.

· Ashley Cole – missed a shot on goal after a nice pass from Kamara in the 32nd minute. Earned a yellow card on a cynical challenge. Didn’t shut down the cross on FC Dallas’ third goal. Nice pullback assist to Boateng. Should have had a second assist to Kamara to close the game. Only had 1 missed pass the entire game.

· David Bingham – nothing he could do on Urruti’s excellent shot and didn’t seem to be at fault on the other two goals.

· Emmanuel Boateng – nice pass to Cole who pulled back to reward Ema for the Galaxy’s second goal. Other than that, a late sub that used his pace.

· Sebastian Lletget – sub for Kitchen. Held down the fort in the middle with Carrasco, helping the Galaxy string together some offense. Still looks a bit rusty however, and figuring out a non-wing oriented role.

· Servando Carrasco – sub for Dos Santos. Better than Kitchen: generating two key passes, movement, and some play up the field.


· Perry Kitchen – left in the dust by Urruti on FC Dallas’ first goal. Three defensive actions for his time in the first half, and his distribution isn’t anything to write home about. Mercifully subbed for Lletget.

· Daniel Steres – miserable defense on FC Dallas’ second goal, not only letting Lamah get away, but too busy lifting his arm for an offside call rather than chasing Lamah down. Lost Lamah again on FC Dallas’ third goal, helplessly watching the ball hit the net. Not so good going forward (he is a CB after all), and had a tendency to roll central (again, he is a CB).

· Jorgen Skjelvic – split with Steres on FC Dallas’ second goal. Most defensive actions of the back four.

· Michael Ciani – several solid step ups to cut the ball out at the start of the game. However, caught forward on FC Dallas’ second goal. Earned a yellow card after a foul right at the top of the box. Missed a headed goal at the death as well. Very few defensive actions this game for a physical CB.

Man of the Match – Romain Alessandrini. Welcome back, my friend. Good to see his attacking prowess beginning to take shape.