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LA Galaxy vs. Chicago Fire Player Ratings

A solid first half leads the Galaxy to three points and a road win.

MLS: Los Angeles Galaxy at Chicago Fire Jim Young-USA TODAY Sports

Good pressure from the LA Galaxy in the first half with solid possession, mostly due to sure ball handlers on the pitch. This is the team without Giovani Dos Santos that could be very competitive because they are calm, composed, creative, and have Ibrahimovic on the pitch. They tired in the second half and let Chicago back into the game, plus there was a Perry Kitchen sized hole in the second of the park, but Daniel Steres’ solid play and Chicago’s off target shots helped the Galaxy earn three points. Plus, Alan Gordon spared the Galaxy his inevitable goal.

Also, is Cole to Ibrahimovic going to be a thing? If so, I’m here for every minute of it. That’s two assists and two goals for the legends. Let Ashley Cole put a pinpoint cross in? He finally has a target on the end of it (not counting 4’ 7” Ema Boateng.)

Player Ratings


· Daniel Steres – nice cross to Ibrahimovic that Zlatan just missed settling. Another good ball up the right in the 50th minute. Good defensive tackle in the 63rd minute. Fantastic last minute intervention on Katai in the 87th minute.

· Jonathan Dos Santos – great cross into box that just gets flicked away from Zlatan.

· Romain Alessandrini – nice interplay with Feltscher in 6th minute leading to a stellar cross into the box, but Ola slightly offside. Dangerous from the right hand side, definitely looked better than last week. Earned a soft yellow, and was not happy to be subbed off (we want you healthy, Romain!).

· Zlatan Ibrahimovic – passing rusty to start the game, not quite on target. However, his movement and ability to get open was good, resulting in just missing a few crosses. He should have put the ball in the back of the net on a bad pass from Chicago, but made up for it with a headed goal just before the half on a cross from Cole. Had a lovely touch on a flick from Kamara in the second half, but once again hit it straight at the goal keeper. Could have had a hat trick!


· Ashley Cole – lucky wasn’t beat in 10th minute after losing his man on a header. Left all alone to deliver a stellar cross assist to Zlatan Ibrahimovic for a goal. Tactical yellow towards the end of the game after he got beat. Good offensively, not good defensively, we’ll call it a wash.

· Ola Kamara – beautiful finish in the 6th minute off an Alessandrini cross, but offside. Once again offside for a disallowed goal in the 8th minute. Couldn’t capitalize on a Chicago defensive mistake in the 56th minute, hitting the ball straight at the opposing goalkeeper. Good header to Ibrahimovic in the 74th minute resulting in a shot on goal. Starved of service in the second half.

· Sebastian Lletget – sends in a great squared cross in the 8th minute, and again….Kamara offside. Not quite as accurate into the middle, but good to see his creativity hasn’t left him.

· David Bingham – didn’t have much to do in the first half, and then had poor positioning on Chicago’s two corners to start the second half. Made mincemeat of a save on a floated (wind aided) cross in the 58th minute. Save on a hard hit ball by Katai. Was more lucky than skilled on Chicago’s 83rd minute freekick when it hit off of his chest. Nice punch on a freekick in last ten minutes of the second half.

· Rolf Feltscher – not sure he realized he was playing right back in the first 15 minutes as he was constantly inside. Dumb foul sticking out a leg in the 82nd minute leading to a shot on goal. Had a decent amount of defensive actions on his side, but his passing game was not good today.

· Jorgen Skjelvik – nice defensive play on Schweinsteiger to start the second half, however, lucky that Chicago couldn’t find the net after he lost his man in the 65th minute.

· Chris Pontius/Ema Boateng/Baggio Husidic - not much going on as second half subs.


· Perry Kitchen – inexplicably stood off a Chicago player and let a decent cross come in for a shot on goal in the first half. Earned a yellow card for tacking Schweinsteiger down. Disappeared in the second half, touching the ball for distribution a grand total of four times in the first 30 minutes. That’s just sad.

Man of the Match goes to Daniel Steres for a solid and simple defensive performance, especially in the second half.