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Watch Neymar score a rooftop goal on Jimmy Kimmel Live

(Guillermo’s a terrible keeper, btw)

2017 NBA Finals - Game Two Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Normally we don’t post clickbait, but this was pretty entertaining.

Neymar (yep, that Neymar) of Barcelona and Brazilian national team fame has spent the past week or so in Los Angeles doing promotional work, and not long ago managed to find his way onto Jimmy Kimmel Live. There, he was challenged by the host to attempt an audacious trick shot from the roof of the El Capitan Theatre, over Hollywood Blvd. and into a goal set-up at Hollywood and Highland, where a neon-clad Guillermo stood waiting to pounce.

Not the hardest shot in the world, but as you can see by his first few attempts, its not a gimme, with the lack of space to generate a powerful shot combined with the distance leaving little room for error. (Jimmy cracking jokes probably isn’t helping either)

But eventually he does bang one past Guillermo, and the crowd goes wild!

That was a bit silly, but fun nonetheless.