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Landon Donovan re-retires, celebrates by stage-diving off a food truck

This was a serious Jackie Chan kind of dive too.

Orlando City SC v Los Angeles Galaxy Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

I’ve always suspected Landon has enjoyed the hell out of retirement.

Many elite athletes struggle to find their footing once they step away from the limelight, but after an endless grind of focus, hard work and running his body into the ground, the Galaxy legend gets to sit back, take a few vacations, and just be one of the guys.

On Friday night, we witnessed this in person. Earlier in the day Landon had confessed he was re-retiring from the sport.

“Yeah, I’m done,” Donovan said to Yahoo. “I’m done. No more playing for me. ... I have not [gone public]. But that is definitely the case.”

Donovan ended a year-and-a-half long retirement last September to help the Galaxy after a rash of injuries left the team understrength heading into the playoffs. During his stint, the 35-year-old made nine appearances across all competitions for the Galaxy last season.

“I can’t even chase my son [Talon] around my house,” Donovan said. “So, I don’t think so.”

Later on in the night, Donovan was upon a food truck when, well, the SF Gate explains it best.

The duo, along with Fox Sports commentator Rob Stone, were giving a speech on top of a food truck to motivate the fans for the United States’ crucial CONCACAF World Cup Qualifier against Honduras at Avaya Stadium on Friday night.

At the end of the pep talk, Donovan openly wondered what it would be like to stage dive off the food truck and body surf the crowd.

After being encouraged by the fans with chants of “USA, USA, USA,” Donovan leaped off the truck, followed soon after by Alexi Lalas and then Rob Stone.

Yep, that really happened.