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LA Galaxy vs. Impact: Player Ratings

A cavalcade of errors left the Galaxy without points after a heartbreaking loss in Montreal.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

This is going to be a tough one.  The Galaxy started the game against the Impact strong, albeit with a lack of finishing touch, but they gradually allowed the Impact back into the game.  Individual errors and an inexplicable loss of mental finesse at the very end of the game allowed points to ultimately slip away.

A frustrating result, especially since the Galaxy's unbeaten streak has officially come to an end, and the losing mentality on the road is officially back.

Overall LA Galaxy play:  B-.  The way they finished out the game:  F.  The veterans should know better.  With 20 seconds left to play, the decisions made were downright terrible.

Individual Ratings (starting score of 6):

  • Rowe - 5 A couple of stellar saves undone by a lapse on the last kick of the game.  He should have saved Drogba's freekick effort and instead the ball pinged off his hands and in.  He shouldn't have been put in that position in the first place, but he also should have saved that freekick.  All of that said, he deserves to remain in goal and here's to hoping Bruce Arena doesn't bring Dan Kennedy back.
  • Cole - 4 Caught upfield on the first Impact goal, and let Ontivero by him for the Impact's second goal.  Though he does have a key pass, the other four passes in the final 18 are all misses.  Not a good game from Cole, and we should expect better from him, particularly on D.
  • Steres - 5 ARGH.  Similar to Rowe, would have had a solid grade and yet everything was undone by his decisions in the final 20 seconds of the game.  He's prone to one bad error a game, and this one was killer.  Dumb foul and yellow card led to the final goal.  With 20 seconds left to play, what on earth was he thinking?  Before that giant error he had Drogba in his pocket with some stellar physical play and tackling.  He only had three missed passes on the night (not counting the missed header at goal).  So unbelievably frustrating.
  • Rogers - 5 His final passes and crosses have GOT to get better.  Keep him after training, hire him a crossing expert, do whatever you need to do to improve that final 18 play.  Because although his movement is good, and his body language better in terms of fooling the opposing defender, he just cannot deliver the darn final ball into the box after dangerous play.  Beat on D a few times too.
  • Van Damme -  6 Great tackling on the night.  He's also managed to avoid a yellow card for several games straight which is downright shocking.  By far the most active defender on the evening.  Can we chain him to the backline though?  Every time he forays upfield it leaves the rest of the D in a bad spot.  He needs to curtail those forays because they don't result in positives more often than not.  He's also not as a good of a passer as he thinks he is.  He's a great defender, so not sure why he's trying to be a forward.
  • De Jong - 7 Does this man know how to slide tackle or what?  Can he teach clinics?  Plus he had a key pass too.  No idea why Bruce removed him instead of Gerrard because I'm pretty sure he doesn't make that same dumb pass at the end.
  • Gerrard - 4 No, it's not too harsh.  You are a decorated international and club player.  You are a veteran.  You're captain for the evening.  Why in the hooey heck do you attempt a dumb pass with 20 SECONDS TO GO leading to a dumb giveaway leading to a dumb foul leading to a dumb goal?  Your passing on the night was also not so great, and your being gassed caused the team problems in midfield.  Why doesn't Bruce sub him before 90?  Is there a contractual obligation we're not aware of?  Oh, and you had an assist and key pass but I just can't get past the bonehead pass.
  • Lletget - 6.5 Worked hard on both ends of the ball, and had 1 key pass.
  • Boateng - 5 Needed to use his speed more to test the opposing defense, and all but one of his passes into the final 18 were misses.  Want the good decision-making back.
  • Dos Santos - 6.5 Scored a nice poacher's goal, and did try to work himself into the game by dropping deep for the ball.  Unfortunately, that left him deep and far away from goal.
  • Magee - 7 The touch to set up his goal was a thing of pure beauty and flair.  I was surprised to discover he also had 2 key passes.  Thought he could have been more dangerous with several missed passes in the attacking third, those attacking forays and a goal do earn you a more decent score.
  • Gordon - 5.5 Not much going forward, and also managed to earn a yellow card in the 92nd minute.
  • Husidic - not rated, late sub
  • Larentowicz - not rated, late sub
Frustrated ratings, but I still love the LA Galaxy and hope they once and for all learn to close out games.  Would make all of us less likely to throw the remote at the TV at the end of the game.