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LA Galaxy vs. Union: Player Ratings

A hard fought road point after two days rest and a cross country journey is a good result, but it felt a little like two points lost after a Kennedy goalkeeping error handed the Union a draw.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Though it was incredibly frustrating, this road point was a pretty decent result after limited rest, a cross country journey and insertion of two players that hadn't seen game time in ages (Leonardo's still alive?).  Compared to 2014 and 2015's road woes, it's almost enough to throw a party!  LA's players did look tired, and several players faded rapidly in the last 30 minutes, meaning the end of the game was an exercise in trying to keep the draw.  It worked.  Win at home and draw on the road - it's a recipe for success, and LA followed through on that premise tonight.

That said, man that last 30 minutes was some painfully sloppy soccer.  After a scoring bonanza in the last few weeks, LA generated only 2 assists and 2 key passes.  We were clinical with finishing, but that's not a lot of chances created.  Plus, do we really need to have Kennedy starting in goal?

The two goals LA gave up had some individual errors involved, but the two goals LA scored had great team passing and interplay.  Overall, not a game to write home about.  Just a professional draw.

Individual Ratings:

  • Kennedy - 3.5 While depth is good, playing Kennedy felt inexplicable after a string of good games from Brian Rowe.  Compounding this was the addition of Leonardo to the side, making the defense feel unsettled all night long.  Kennedy was a large part of the team not looking confident.  His positioning was poor, he had serious problems challenging players physically in the box, and he earned a yellow card for time wasting.  The Union's second goal should have been gathered by Kennedy and put away, and Dan's no man's land positioning with legs of stone for the first goal was also poor.  Can we have Rowe back?
  • Rogers - 6 A tale of two sides, Rogers had a very well taken goal with solid finishing.  Unfortunately he was also turned around all game long down the left by Pontius and Sapong, and earned a yellow card.  Really didn't get forward too much...except for the goal.  He has a grand total of two touches in the final third, one of which was the goal!  I'll call this one a wash.
  • Leonardo - 5 He's rusty.  He hasn't played in ages.  He looked it.  Played a part in the first goal getting tangled up with Magee and watching the goal scorer.  Did win some battles with Sapong - which was a part of his 16 defensive actions.
  • Van Damme - 6 Felt like through force of personal will he kept CJ Sapong off the scoresheet.  Not a good passing game for him tonight, with more red passes (misses) than green ones.  Even taking into account clearances, those are some tired legs relying on boot ball.
  • Cole - 6 After suspension for some seriously bad judgment, he was back playing tonight in an okay game, but not his best.  Extremely tidy with the ball with only 6 misplaced passes, but still felt like he got turned around a few times by Le Toux.  Did have three missed tackles in dangerous areas.
  • Gerrard - 6 Lovely assist to Magee for the second LA goal after a foray upfield.  Did try to force a few passes in some areas leading to bad turnovers and Union counters.  Not enough space covered by him and Husidic in a slow midfield leaving the Union a few spaces on the counter.  Glad to see him subbed - he shouldn't be playing 90 minutes especially after playing 30 on Sunday.  He cannot play d-mid by himself.  Ever.
  • Husidic - 5.5 Felt a little behind the pace of the game, and combined with Gerrard felt like the midfield was chasing the younger Union.  1 key pass (and a lovely ball to Gyasi Zardes over the top in the first half). Not a spectacular amount of defensive actions in his own half (4 total) - an indication of how stranded Gerrard was in midfield.
  • Keane - 6 Looked a little dead legged after a great game on Sunday.  Brilliant secondary assist for the first goal, but had several misplaced passes in the final third.  He especially couldn't seem to get going with Gyasi Zardes.  The majority of his passes in the final third are misses.
  • Dos Santos - 6.5 With 19 touches over the course of the game he wasn't super involved.  That said, his cheeky assist to Rogers was lovely, and he played a part in the first goal.  Needed more productive touches in the final third - but I've been beating that same drum for weeks.
  • Magee - 6.5 Great finish on a lovely build up and goal.  Other than that, did some dirty defensive work.
  • Zardes - 5 One key pass, but was pretty locked down by the Union.  Missed him beating players on the flank like he did against the Revs, but he may not have had the energy.
  • Larentowicz - 5 5 passes, two of which are misses.  Three defensive actions.  Held down the fort, but still looked slow.
  • Steres - not rated Late game sub.
  • Lletget - not rated Late game sub.