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Can the Galaxy Repeat as MLS Cup Champions Without Winning a Road Game?

This season has been a tale of two teams: great at home and terrible on the road. If the current trend continues, can the Galaxy repeat?

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 MLS Regular season has been a tale of two teams for the Galaxy. One has managed to win or draw almost all home games. The other has managed to lose or draw all road games. If the current trend continues, is it possible for the Galaxy to repeat as MLS Cup Champs (which everyone expects them to with all the recent firepower added) without winning a road game?

Regular Season

The Galaxy currently sit 4th in the Western Conference playoff race with 1.48ppg. But, this truly has been a tale of two seasons. At home, the Galaxy are averaging 2.41ppg. On the road however, they average only 0.45ppg.

Home PPG 2.45
Away PPG 0.45
Home Games Remaining 5
Away Games Remaining 6

If their current points pace continues, which with all the new Galacticos we would expect it to, it seems the Galaxy will probably make the playoffs even if they don’t win a single road game during the regular season.

MLS Cup Playoffs

As long as they make the playoffs, the Galaxy can continue their current trend of not winning on the raod and still advancing. If they win the home game of the series, they can lose the away game as long as they have the away goals to their advantage. They’ll advance if they tie the home game as well, as long as they tie the away game and win on the away goals rule.

Last season the Galaxy didn’t win on the road in the playoffs, yet they still lifted the Cup. So, it’s entirely possible for the Galaxy to return to the MLS Cup Final game without winning another road game this season.

MLS Cup Final

This is where the scenario gets a little tricky. In order for mental exercise to work out, the MLS Cup Final would need to be played at Stubhub Center. Here the Galaxy are in luck. The current playoff teams in the Eastern Conference have on average much lower PPG. There are only two current teams with higher PPG than the Galaxy.

Last season the #1 seed from the Eastern Conference was bounced in the first round. If things were to fall in a similar way and a team seeded #3 through #6 were to make the final, then the Galaxy would play host again.

Theoretically the Galaxy can go the entire 2015 season without winning a game on the road and still repeat as MLS Cup Champions.

I hope we don’t do it, but it’s not outside the realm of possibility.

With Gerrard, Gio Dos Santos, Zardes, and Omar all joining with the team, this hopefully will be a moot point.