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MLS Fantasy: A quick intro

Are you ready for some MLS Fantasy? Long live the double game week!

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Hey everybody! MLS Fantasy is back!

The addicting strategy game is similar to a classic video game like Street Fighter or Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. Easy to play, difficult to master. And experience helps. (Along with a lot of other things, but that's for later)

Luckily, I'm just the person to provide that experience. I finished 23rd in 2013 and 15th in 2014, so I do have consistency going for me. 

It can be a bit unnerving jumping into MLS Fantasy if you're new, or even for those with experience who have to adjust to the new rules. With that in mind, let's get a few things out of the way before diving into strategy next week.

1. Download this modified 2015 MLS schedule. It's an essential tool for fantasy experts, and you're going to need it.

Afterwards, download the MLS matchday app on your smartphone.

2. Resources are your friend. This season of MLS Fantasy will feature an unprecedented amount of fantasy league coverage. The MLS website has enlisted the help of a team of fantasy experts. (including Josie!)

Social media is another big plus. Follow fantasy experts on Twitter. Team pages, even player profiles are valuable resources for information you might not get anywhere else.

I myself highly recommend checking out the Reddit MLS Fantasy page

Will also be tweeting general and Galaxy specific advice on the LAG Confidential Twitter feed and my own Twitter handle @MikeGraySC.

3. Start building your team

This in and of itself is a challenge. If you need general advice in how to set up a squad, this should do the trick.

But don't panic. There's plenty of time to select your team before the season starts. For now, just start off slow, do the research, listen to Andrew and Jason, and go from there.

Next week will feature more in-depth coverage, what Galaxy players you need to pick up, and more.

For now, stay tuned Galaxy fans.