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MLS announces $37 million TAM investment for 2016-2017

Homegrown Player funds will also increase

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Good news for Galaxy fans who were wondering how Bruce Arena and company could manage to get the band back together for the 2016 MLS season.

The league has just announced a significant investment in Targeted Allocated Money and Homegrown Player funds for the next two years. 

"By injecting an additional $37 million into the system, our clubs will be able to strengthen the depth of their rosters by signing more high-quality players," MLS Deputy Commissioner Mark Abbott said in a league statement. "We saw immediate dividends this past season with the initial investment in Targeted Allocation Money, and our owners believe that additional spending -- especially for players who will impact the middle of our rosters -- will make MLS even more entertaining and compelling."

Basically, the $37 million dollar increase in funds is split into two groups:

A $800,000 increase in TAM for the next two seasons
A $125,000 increase in Homegrown Player funds

Does this injection of cash give LA the bump they need to hold onto Omar Gonzalez? The rules aren't 100% clear, but it definitely appears that way.

TAM can be used to buy down a player contract to free up a Designated Player slot. If that happens, the club must simultaneously sign a new Designated Player at an investment equal or greater to than the player he is replacing

The only possible hold up? The Galaxy may technically need to re-sign Gonzalez for this to work. However, you have to imagine in the end Omar stays in LA.

Stay tuned.