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Will Steven Gerrard Leave for Liverpool?

The Galaxy Superstar could be pursued for a return to Anfield sooner rather than later.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Reports from the Mirror this week indicate that the LA Galaxy are "bracing themselves" for the possibility that new coach Jurgen Klopp will try to tempt Gerrard back to Liverpool. If true, this would represent a serious dent in the team roadmap for the next few years.

Gerrard ♥ Liverpool

It's no secret that Steven Gerrard's passion lies with Liverpool. Having played with them for so long and been their captain, they are his true love. As if there was any doubt, he still plays with their shin guards.

Gerrard has also been moonlighting as a pundit, causing some to wonder if his off the field behavior is a concern. With Klopp coming to coach the Reds, could all of this signal an early return for Gerrard back across the pond?

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

The Galaxy have a long history of giving players what the want. Just this season Stefan Ishizaki was granted a release from the team so he could move back home to be closer to family. The Galaxy want players around who want to play for them, and it shows. The players who are here generally want to be here. The last thing the Galaxy would want to do would be to hold Gerrard hostage to a contract when he wants to transfer back.

Gerrard is older, and may not have been resigned after next year anyway. But if he does leave early the Galaxy would be in a tough position to replace him. When they signed him this Spring they certainly thought they'd have him and his full attention for 18 months, if not longer. They won't want Gerrard to go, but they also won't want him to stay if he wants to leave.

So what do you think? Is the Galaxy front office being paranoid that Gerrard could request a transfer back to Liverpool (if the reports are even true)? Would Gerrard request a transfer before his 18 month contract is up?