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Steven Gerrard speaks about his move to LA

Steven Gerrard speaks about his motivations for coming to the LA Galaxy

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In an interview by the LA Galaxy, Steven Gerrard sat down and discussed his move to MLS. "I'm going to be moving over to the most successful team in the United States" he stated. "They told me what I wanted to hear. They told me about the winning mentality at the club. And "winning" was a constant theme throughout the interview.

"I still feel like a player. I still know I can perform well for the next couple of years, so I want to go into a setup with a winner mentality. Having spoken to the manager, Bruce Arena, and also the people above him; they are very aggressive, and they want success, and you know, that's what I want... I've got the same attitude as the people who have made this signing happen. The manager, the CEO and the owner; they all seem to me like they are winners and that's how I like to see me self"

Gerrard was also refreshingly candid in explaining some of his other reasons for coming to the US. "Obviously age is [a factor] ... There is obviously a huge bonus as well, with where the LA Galaxy are located...That'll be nice for me family also," however, Steven also made it clear that he's not just coming over here to retire.

"The most important thing is that I go there and it's a success on the pitch," he stated emphatically.

"I'm not going over there for a holiday, or to enjoy me self. I'm going over there to win"

By far the best part of the interview was when he was asked to describe his style of play to American fans who haven't had the chance to see him play. He sort of laughed and advised said fans to youtube him.

Full video courtesy of the LA Galaxy

So what do you think of Steven's comments? Liking his Ricky Bobby-esque mantra of winning, or do think it's all just a bunch of spin? Sound off in the comment section below.