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Sonnet 5 or When once I swam out past the Puget Sound

The smack talk will fly this week back and forth from LA Galaxy and Seattle Sounder camps. So here's some Shakespearean sonnet smack

Sounder at Heart came out with Marvel trailer smack today in this Sounders vs. The Galaxy video (link). It's pretty good, one has to admit, even if they call the Galaxy a bunch of a-holes. Not to be outdone, yours truly wrote some Shakespearean sonnet smack.

I think the message is trophies not noise, but look at that rhyme scheme. Those are some tight lyrics right there, just so fresh.

When once I swam out past the Puget Sound

A trove of clubs with customs all their own

There was a world of options there I found

I saw some men whose talents were home grown

Down south in Angel Town they played with verve

They stopped all balls within the range of goal

It cost four score and twenty men their nerve

As Cup time came their dreams were met with coal

What life was there for those within the league

Who sought to claim some trophies from the beast

The road to Cups was paved with much fatigue

With second place came shame as champs they feast

The humble shall inherit not the world

The honor goes to those with banners furled