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Landon Donovan: "We have received offers from teams in different countries"

Landon Donovan spoke in an exclusive interview with Fox Soccer Daily about his current contract status. In his final contract year and the window open, Donovan admits the LA Galaxy have received offers from different countries.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

In an exclusive interview with Fox Soccer Daily, Landon Donovan told Julie Stewart-Binks that in a contract year the LA Galaxy have received offers from other counties for Donovan's services. He says he's enjoying himself, and is still negotiating with the Galaxy.

"Right now I'm enjoying myself, and I'm going to continue enjoying myself. We have received offers from teams in different countries that are intriguing. I'm still going to speak with the Galaxy and see how they value me and see where they want to go going forward. I'm really open [to going overseas] in a way I haven't been before in the past. I was pretty content to stay in LA."

What's interesting is the language seems to suggest the offers are on the table now, that there's consideration of a move this summer. The transfer window remains open in the major European countries until August 31st, and certainly there are a number of clubs interested in a player like Donovan.

It's also interesting to see that Donovan's representation appear to have a number in mind for the Galaxy to hit. His statement was not one suggesting he was gone no matter what, new three year contract signed Omar Gonzalez was the last to declare his wanderlust that definitively, but rather that he wants his just deserves if he's going to stay.

Certainly with the recently signing of Clint Dempsey, not to mention the contracts he's seen given to David Beckham, Thierry Henry, and Robbie Keane, that's a fair statement. Going off what has been reported by the MLS Players Union, Donovan's salary would need to be more than doubled to reach the top salary shelf in MLS.

Here's hoping LA can get it done.