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Four Star Daily: New York City FC, Liga MX shuffling, Robbie Keane stays

MLS is expanding to New York, Liga MX is moving three teams, while Robbie Keane is staying put after the LA Galaxy's match against Seattle on Sunday. It was a big news morning, with a lot to digest

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

There's been so much news this morning it's hard to digest it all. Let's put it down in list form, then try and process.

  • The big news this morning is that MLS is expanding, officially. New York City FC is the long rumored now confirmed name of NY2, the 20th MLS franchise. The twist is that the New York Yankees will be minority owners, with Yankee Stadium possibly being used to host games initially when the club launches in 2015. The Yankee piece of ownership means the club will likely be broadcast on the YES network.
  • Liga MX announced yesterday at their owner's meeting that the league is trying to do away with multiple ownership. There were a number of moves concurrent with this announcement, including three clubs moving their base of operations. Jaguares is being moved to Queretaro, which was relegated last season. San Luis is petitioning for a move, as well as La Piedad. La Piedad was supposed to be promoted this offseason. There were rumors yesterday that the La Piedad move means Queretaro will not be relegated, but that detail isn't clear yet.
  • One big takeaway from the first two stories is that while MLS can often be frustrating in how conservative (as in slow growth) it is, but there's a cautionary tale just south. Three clubs moving in one offseason is a stark contrast to the long process of negotiation it took to get NY2. At the end of the day, MLS looks to get a $100 million payday out of NY2 as well as a new revenue generating stadium in a choice location.
  • The Liga MX news also affects the rumors that CD Guadalajara are on the brink of being purchased and Chivas USA spun off and sold back to MLS, possibly to be moved. The potential Guadalajara owner would have to divest his other Liga MX interests. But mostly, those wild rumors of fast paced action being taken with respect to LA2 run contrast to the way MLS does business. MLS is a patient league, things are just stripped away or moved or sold without a long process.
  • In LA Galaxy news, Robbie Keane will not be released for Ireland's upcoming prep matches against England and Georgia as they fall outside the FIFA window. That helps out a great deal, as Keane would have had to get on a plane right after the Galaxy's match on Sunday, and is already dealing with injury issues.