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Four Star Daily: Donovan returns, Robbie Rogers, and a qualifier in Los Angeles?

It seems that the USSF would be willing to host Mexico in LA if Mexico would move their USAvMEX qualifier to Monterrey. Oh and Landon Donovan returned to the LA Galaxy yesterday.

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Morning links to go with your lox and cream cheese

  • A final note on the World Cup Qualifiers. This article from 2008 in the NY Times shows that the US would be willing to schedule their home qualifier with Mexico in So Cal or Texas if Mexico would move their home qualifier to sea level in Monterrey. Mexico refused, and Sports Illustrated reported from Denver that a similar deal was proposed this year. Certainly the USSF would love to throw a big moneymaking qualifier in the Rose Bowl, but until Mexico is willing to compromise we'll keep hosting in cold weather cities.
  • On a different note, Robbie Rogers is speaking to the media about his decision to simultaneously come out and leave soccer football. The Times points out that if Rogers were to return he'd become the first openly gay athlete to compete in a major American team sport (though Dodger fans might know about a closeted gay athlete who clashed with Tommy Lasorda by dating Lasorda's estranged son). The Guardian also has an interview for the UK audience.
  • Top Drawer Soccer has a behind the scenes video with the Angel City Brigade. Worth checking out.
  • Landon Donovan's return was the big story yesterday, and you can see what the Daily News, New York Times, and USA Today all thought about it. The Daily News says he made the right call taking the hiatus, the Times focuses on his desire to earn his way back onto the national team, and USA Today the same.